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Today, and for two weeks, I'm going to be off to work experience. It's a slow, but thankfully simple job at an insurance place. It's quite interesting and fun. Plus, there is a restaurant next door so I could get a bite to eat while I work! =D
This work experience is pretty great!
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I have a dilemma going on here.
I noticed there are some people that state that DeviantArt points are useless.
I honestly don't see how.
You can use DA points to buy stuff on the site, like commissions, prints, etc.
Meanwhile, I would argue that llamas are more useless than points, because you can actually use points to buy stuff.
Llamas are just things that people trade and then hopefully your Super Albino llama will become a ninja if someone has the time and patience to give you all those damn llamas.
You can't even convert these llamas to points, but you can inexplicably convert points to llamas. :shrug:
I'm not saying that for all badges mind you, just llamas, since llamas are common and free. They're literally not worth any monetary value.
So basically, points aren't useless. Llamas are.
That said, you can still give me llamas. :thumbsup:
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Requests are temporarily closed, as I feel that I'm broke on DeviantArt, so I'm going to open up commissions!
Commission prices:
10Points for a traditional drawing
20Points  for a digital drawing
40Points  for a comic

  • Here are the stuff I can draw:
  1. characters from other media
  2. your OCs
  3. my OCs
  4. you can make them do any action / pose you want (entirely optional feature)
  5. practically anything that isn't in the list below
  • Here are the stuff I can't draw:
  1. fetishes
  2. NSFW
  3. overly complicated stuff
  4. recolor OCs (Sonic, etc.)
  • Do not rush me. If for whatever reason I don't start the commission right away, is probably because of time management.
  • Do not spam your commission to me. I will get to it, be patient.
  • Don't give me too many commissions at the same time, because as previously stated, time management is strife for me. 

You can commission me on my account page. There is a commissions widget on my page where you can commission me.
Have fun!
The TAP-JAM is officially over, so here I am, planning on giving some credit to everyone involved

Thanks to
jakelsm (me), bragon2004, WumoWumo, EC-707 (who has deactivated moments after uploading his entry) JaviDLuffy, AskHoneyWoman, Toongirl18, Paula712, VoyagerHawk87, WickidlyStrange13, Sandrag1, AngelicLoonatic, Christopia1984 and Maniamama 
for taking part in the jam!

Also shoutouts to
the01angel, OfficialDM, PokeGirlRULES, MarcosPower1996, Shining-Tatsu, ClassyChassiss, DaExcruciatingPastel, MrT0ps, aeea7835, Sitinuramjah, coekj, BlueMaxwellpastel-demon and AtomicTiki 
for intending to enter the jam, but unfortunately, time wouldn't let them have an opportunity.
There's always next year, so don't fret! ;)

And once again, a very MASSIVE shoutout to AtomicTiki again, for inspiring me to create a jam like this.

This jam has been a moderate success, and I hope when I set up the jam next year, it will be just as successful, or perhaps more successful even!
Thanks for your time, and have a happy new year!
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  • Playing: Undertale on PS4 and Miitopia
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It's time to let your favorite characters become famous Broadway stars with my first art jam! Inspired by AtomicTiki 's many brilliant jams, you can draw any character (from a show, movie, comic, etc. even your OCs!) tap dancing à la Billy Bojangles (or Fred Astaire, or Ginger Rogers, you get the idea) so get cracking and draw your favorite characters doing some ol' fashioned hoofing!

Rules (Don't worry, they aren't harsh!):
  1. Art must be posted on or after July 9th, 2017
  2. Art must be yours. You cannot use other people's entries.
  3. Entries must be posted as a response to this journal entry. (If you don't, at the very least mention me so that I know, and I will add your picture)
  4. You can make as many entries as you want.
  5. Any character and/or OC (whether it be yours or someone else's) is allowed (max. three characters per picture, so it isn't overcrowded)
  6. The subject must be "tap dancing"
  7. If you are not super-familiar with tap, look up poses, find pictures, watch videos, etc. to find out what poses tappers are in, clothes that you wish to use, etc.
  8. Art can be in a frame, either  TAP-JAM Border (Portrait) by jakelsm vertical or  TAP-JAM Border (Landscape) by jakelsm horizontal. (Optional)
  9. You aren't restricted to the resolution of these borders. You can expand them if you want, particularly if you don't have enough space. (Optional)
  10. If you use someone else's OC, please credit the creator of said OC (it's only fair on them, after all)
  11. The picture must be full body
  12. No NSFW!
  13. Above all else, have fun!
Deadline: December 31st, 2017 (final change)

Doctor Princess [TAP-JAM Entry] by jakelsm Feel The Rabbit [TAP-JAM Entry] by bragon2004 Robotboy [TAP-JAM Entry] by jakelsm Tap Jam: Kris by WumoWumo Dance to Death by JaviDLuffy Honey tap by AskHoneyWoman Tap-Jam: Doc Brown by Toongirl18 Tap-Jam: Professor Flan by Paula712 Tap-Jam: Liane Cartman by VoyagerHawk87 TAP-JAM Starfire by WickidlyStrange13 Fionna [TAP-JAM Entry] by jakelsm

Omi and Kimiko [TAP-JAM Entry] by jakelsm Soda (TAP-JAM entry) by EC-707 [NOT MINE] by jakelsm Enid [TAP-JAM Entry] by jakelsm Tap it! [TAP-JAM ENTRY!] by Sandrag1 Miracle Paint Tap by AngelicLoonatic Tap Jam: Loud House The first time it happens by Christopia1984 Classic dance  by Maniamama Tap Dancing Duet! [ANOTHER TAP-JAM ENTRY!] by Sandrag1
As my followers (new and old), and other guys, might know, my birthday is coming up soon, and as such, here are some examples of gifts that I will like to receive

  • A drawing of my OCs / one of my OCs (reference here:  Character References and Biographies by jakelsm )
  • some DA points
  • a drawing / picture of something related to me (or something that I particularly enjoy)
  • if you can think of a surprise for me, then I'd be glad to find out! =D
So yeah, just wanted to let you guys know my birthday is almost here. Just posting it here now, because, after all, the early bird does get the worm.
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Is nobody caring to give me some points? Nobody has donated since 2014.
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I regret to inform you that I am officially going to stop drawing my characters.
I'm sorry.
The reason is that I don't feel that I have much reason to keep on drawing them.
So from this day on, I will stop drawing my characters.
Character References and Biographies by jakelsm
I sure will miss drawing them =(
As you know, I accept requests. I love it when people do that, because it gives a character for me to draw and it puts me to a test.
But of course, like most people, I have to put rules and limitations as to what I can and cannot draw

If you request me art, you CAN request me to draw
  • characters from other media
  • your OCs
  • my OCs
  • you can make them do any action you want (entirely optional feature)
  • practically anything that isn't below
However, you CANNOT request me to draw
  • fetishes
  • NSFW
  • overly complicated stuff
  • recolor OCs (Sonic, etc.)
You can pose a request in the following locations:
  • on my account page
  • on any of my deviations (including art and journal posts like this one)
  • via posting a private note to me
Also, try not to over-request in one day, as I won't be able to do them all at the same time.
That is all! Have fun! ;)
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I'm gonna have tests starting from February 13th. I'm gonna have to study. I'm gonna be pressured on that. But I'm also feeling optimistic about it. OR AM I? Meh, I dunno. I tell you what though, it ain't gonna be easy.
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  • Playing: Cory in the House (DS), yes, really
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Wanna draw my characters for Christmas? Well the reference link for my OCs is here. Character References and Biographies Have fun drawing them!
  • Watching: The Polar Express and The Muppets Christmas Carol
  • Eating: Pork Pies
Welp, I'm gonna start my tests today. Fortunately, it's gonna be German first. But then I'll fall the slippery slope once math kicks in.
  • Reading: Books for tests
  • Watching: Nostalgia Critic commerical specials
  • Eating: Cereal
  • Drinking: Milk (Chan)